The Issue & What We’re Doing

Our Mission Statement: Our Literacy Council serves to empower individuals in our communities by advancing literacy in all its forms


One in six Americans have less than basic literacy.  Nearly 1/3 have less than basic math skills.  

The skill levels of our young adults are not surpassing those of older Americans the way they should be and the way they are in other developed nations. Many of those young adults have fallen behind in the educational system and find it nearly impossible to catch up.

Here at Our Literacy Council, we’re aiming to do something about that by advancing literacy, in all its forms, from early childhood through the adult years. We’ve maintained a robust tutoring program since our inception, but we aim to expand to help fill changing needs.

Our Literacy Council is building something new.  The name is the same, but everything else is newer, brighter and better.  We’re building a better Adult Literacy Program by doing the following:

Ensuring that our volunteer tutors have the necessary skills.

– Recruiting volunteer tutors from a wide variety of ages and interests.

– Providing the best orientation/training and in-service support possible and expanding adult literacy to other communities in the county.

– Working with area educators to ensure that our tutors’ skills match their needs. It is also time to have a conversation about encouraging literacy at the beginning of life.

While the GED completion part of our programming is critical and we’re committed to it, we know that to focus solely on that addresses a symptom of a systemic issue from the beginning of life.

Our vision of the world includes no one ever needing to go back and get a GED. With your help and support, we can improve our programs, ensure proper training and support for our volunteers, and keep Our Literacy Council as a vital part of our community’s educational solution for years to come.